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Check out what some of Amy’s students and colleagues have to say:

Vladimir B.

Amy is a wonderful teacher and a great violinist. She inspires me to continue playing the violin. With her, the lesson becomes interesting and productive.

Will H.

Amy is a very meticulous teacher. She makes sure everything is perfect before moving on to the next skill.

Kennethia W.

Ms. Amy has been my son’s violin teacher for almost 5 years now. I’m very pleased with her style of teaching, she is very proficient. I would highly recommend her for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced. She is a wonderful teacher and I’m glad I found her.

Connie S.

Amy has an incredible knowledge of violin & viola technique as well as music theory. She is able to explain things in an easy to understand way which has helped me to improve my abilities as a violist. My lessons are well structured and includes work with scales, technique exercises and learning a solo piece. I am an adult student who’s played for 13 years. Stopping in college, I picked it up again after a 10 year break. I am impressed with how much I’ve grown in the two years I’ve taken private lessons from Amy. We’ve been able to expand upon skills already learned, as well as improving other techniques. I would highly recommend her as a teacher for any age and skill level.

Asmara Bhattacharya [violin instructor]

Amy has everything you could want in a violinist: an innate sense of intonation, a beautiful tone, a mature, musical sound overall. As a teacher, she has a great “bedside manner,” good insights to offer, and tremendous patience with kids. She also has a keen interest in the fundamental theory behind the music and will pass on to her students a well-rounded musical education.

Gina M.

Ms. Amy at String Struck Studio is a great violin teacher. We (my granddaughter and I) met her through a school program and have continued using her for private lessons. She is patient and comes up with different teaching techniques depending on the student’s individual needs. We’ve been taking lessons from her for several years and highly recommend her!

Emily L.

We are quite fond of Ms. Amy.  She has always shown such a kind willingness to work with us.  I have seen her making efforts to communicate in a genuine and helpful manner.  She pays enormous attention to detail and puts a lot into her work.  Our daughters very much enjoy and look forward to their weekly private lessons.  One even asked recently to take a second private weekly lesson (which we don’t have time for really, but it is nice that she wants to do so).

Heather M.

I want you to know how much we appreciate you and your wonderful teaching and dedication to our budding violin students. I feel that we are so lucky to have you in our Waldorf school. Learning to play an instrument well is an integral part of a Waldorf education, and I am glad that you take this seriously and are beginning to ask our grades students to have some discipline around practicing.

I was so impressed by your creative coordination of the students when they played Jingle Bells at Christmas. Everyone had a part, no matter how beginner or advanced.

Our son is very awed by your beautiful playing, and this gives him nothing but respect for you. 

I have talked to many of my fellow 3rd-grade parents, and we all agree on how happy and lucky we are that you are teaching our children.

Melanie F.

I have to share with you that I pulled my flute out last night and J. and I played “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” (all the way through!) together…….it was a thrill of my life, sharing music with my son……a lifetime passion of mine.  I would call out, “C# next” and he would know what I was talking about!  The language of music, one more generation……..thrilling!  🙂  Thank you for this gift to our kiddos.