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At String Struck Studio, Amy Kraeger uses her extensive teaching and tutoring experience to tailor violin and viola instruction to each student's individual learning style. Amy's philosophy of teaching incorporates fun into the foundations of music theory and instrument technique in a relaxed atmosphere.

Beginning-, intermediate-, and advanced-level students of all ages will learn from familiar and well-proven approaches such as Suzuki Method combined with customized exercises to enjoy the mastery of their instruments.

In addition to private lessons, students may also attend monthly group lessons and master classes† (students will be assigned to a group according to skill level). In group lessons, students work on listening to other players who may play parts different from yet complimentary to their own part without getting distracted by those different parts. The beginners also work on basic fingering and bowing technique. Some of these group lessons may take the shape of a bowing clinic, or rhythm clinic, etc.

In a master class, each students gets 5-7 minutes of one-on-one instruction in front of the remainder of the class. As "audience members" observe each individual lesson, they will pick up guidance and instruction the "soloist" receives to apply to their own technique.

None of these is mandatory, but they are very strongly encouraged. Each group lesson costs $5, and each master class costs $7 (for a grand total of $12 extra per student each month if you elect to attend both a group lesson and a master class).

Check the "Lesson Slots" page today, then email or call Amy to schedule your free trial lesson!


†Group lessons and master classes are suspended until further notice.