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  • Did you know?

    A violin and fiddle are the same instrument. The only difference is the style of music you play.

  • An expert says…

    “In difficult times, people like to hear music...to be moved by what they hear. Music speaks different languages.” —Itzhak Perlman

  • In history…

    Only the viola has kept its original name. The other instruments’ names (violin, violoncello, and violinbass) are variations of “viola.”


String Struck Studio strives to make music fun and enjoyable for all students looking to learn to play the violin or viola. We do this by creating an enjoyable learning environment and providing a trial lesson for each student who wants to learn to play.

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Quick FAQ

Do you offer online lessons?

Yes! All students who speak fluent English can take advantage of online lessons from anywhere in the world.

What is the difference between a violin and viola?

Violins have a higher range than violas and typically get the melody part in an orchestra setting more often than violas. Violas are slightly broader, longer, and thicker than violins and have a lovely rich tone. Both instruments and their bows are held and manipulated the same way.

What ages do you teach?

I accept ages 3 years and older; however, not every potential student is automatically accepted. If either the student or I feel we are not a good match, I will gladly provide the names of other local teachers who might provide a more successful experience for the student.

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