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Read what some of Amy's students and colleagues have to say.
Amy is a wonderful teacher and a great violinist. She inspires me to continue playing violin. With her, the lesson becomes interesting and productive.
--Vladimir B.
Amy is a very meticulous teacher. She makes sure everything is perfect before moving on to the next skill.
--Will H.
Amy taught me a lot. She is a great teacher.
--Katelyn R.
Amy has everything you could want in a violinist:  an innate sense of intonation, beautiful tone, a mature, musical sound overall.  As a teacher, she has a great “bedside manner,” good insights to offer, and tremendous patience with kids.  She also has a keen interest in the fundamental theory behind the music and will pass on to her students a well-rounded musical education.
--Asmara Bhattacharya [violin instructor]
I have been a friend and mentor to Amy since meeting her nearly two years ago. I would certainly recommend her as a worthy candidate to teach any student. Her teaching methods are clear and expressive, she is certain to inspire and encourage every student she teaches. She has gained versatility as a private teacher, having accrued experience in diverse teaching methods. I have witnessed Amy in action many times and have been impressed with her high level of professionalism. I predict a promising teaching career for Amy.
--Nicholas Leh Baker, Founder & Artistic Director, Duo Scordatura & Friends
Amy has played violin in the Houston Civic Symphony for several years. She is a dedicated and faithful member who contributes both as a player and volunteer. I appreciate what she brings to the orchestra. She is dedicated to helping violin and viola students establish good foundational skills upon which they may continue to develop musical and performances skills.
--Brian Runnels, Conductor and Music Director, Houston Civic Symphony
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